Lisburn & District Motor Cycle Club

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2004 Youth Training Day.
The class of 2004!
Youth Riders are the key to the future in Motor Cycle Trials.
Lisburn & District Motor Cycle Club has always had a clear focus on providing for them, almost always resulting in a smile!

Other important annual events.

  • The 'McParland Trophy Trial', usually held in October.
  • The 'Spring Trial' Ulster or Irish Championship, usually held in March.
  • The 'Freddie Hampton Memorial Classic Trial', usually held in June.
  • The 'Summer Trial', a round of the annual MCUI UC Summer Series, usually held in August.
  • Youth training days for club members, throughout the year.


 The club committee meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7.30pm in Lizzie Drakes, Moira Road Lisburn.